Panther Concealment: Holster Review

Panther Concealment: Holster Review


I am kind of like everyone else who has owned firearms for awhile. I’ve got the preverbal drawer of holsters like so many others do, always seeking to find just that right one. You know, the one that fits like a glove or an old pair of just feels right.  It’s got to be comfortable, it absolutely has to be easy to access the firearm allowing a full grip, quick smooth release allowing for fast shots on target. As Firearms Instructor, during training I found myself favoring and wearing my Kydex holsters more and more either with  a full size 1911 or the Smith and Wesson M&P9mm. I am usually holstered it up  in leather when out and about with the wife or daily runs around town as the kydex strait drop holsters don’t lend themselves to good concealment.  However, things changed a few weeks ago when Jim and Scott of Panther Concealment brought me one their Kydex outside the waistband concealment holsters for my Smith and Wesson 9mm. I was immediately struck by how different it appeared as compared to my other Kydex holsters.  The thickness of the kydex, the 8deg cant instead of the normal 15deg FBI cant, the long tail section that clips inside the pants with little ears turned up on the corners that keep it seated..This is not your typical paddle holster and its not a belt holster.  After receiving it, I wouldn’t get a chance to use it for a couple more days and it takes longer than that to evaluate any holster. How it breaks in, speed of draw and access, how it rode on the hip etc all take a few weeks to get a real feel for any quality made holster..


For the last 3 weeks I have holstered up the M&P 9mm in the Panther Concealment OWB holster and wore it every day, damn near 24/7. This holster actually, made it comfortable to carry a full size handgun all day with its weight distribution properties while maintaining excellent concealment as it holds tight to the body like a pancake holster is known to do. Any full size handgun can be hard to keep close to your body and its not the belt folks..I wear an 1-3/4” 5 stitch Instructor with the polymer doesn’t flex..The Panther Concealment holster held that thing tight like it was part of me… not trying to peel away from me. The other thing I noticed is that Panther made this holster with a little lower ride which I found especially comfortable and easy to access. The draw stroke you ask? With the 8deg cant I haven’t lost anything when it comes to speed vs my straight drops. Re-holstering is a breeze with a definite snap/click into place. Tension is adjustable by 2 screws on the rear edge.


To wrap up my review..

This is a very uniquely designed holster not only in looks but also function. The days of having to change gear and holsters depending whether I am training or running errands around town are over.  I have found ONE holster that I not only can train in and abuse day after day at the range but can wear for my everyday activities and travels. It’s lightweight, comfortable, shaped to fit the hip curve, offers excellent concealment, ease of draw, quick and easy to mount up with just tucking it inside the pants.  Usually I can find something to improve upon when I do gear reviews but this one has me stumped. I’m perfectly happy with the way it is now..I am sure Jim and Scott will find a way to improve if possible. Last but not least y’all are wondering about PRICE.  give them a call..I’ll just say they are very affordable and you will be pleasantly surprised especially considering the quality that goes into these holsters.


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