Surviving Violence, Mindset and Skill Confidence

The problem posed by criminal violence is that whether you do or might have a moment to react, if you react ineffectively you’re dog meat. You don’t want to get into an exchange where you are trading punches for stabs. That’s a bad trade off and one you are going to lose. If you hesitate too long or if your actions don’t immediately render him unable to act, then you are going to get cut … and cut bad. Again, Time and Distance and knowing how to create it could be critical to your survival. Knowing when to bring the violence without hesitation, having the confidence in yourself to follow it thru goes back to having the skill and the will..Without the skill you wont have the confidence, without confidence you wont have the will, without the will you will hesitate, if you hesitate you will die.

The truth is, to be successful in a violent encounter you have to hurt people, and then take full advantage of the fact they’re hurt, doing things that religion, society, and your mom have spent your entire life telling you not to do. If you talk about having a gun for self-defense, it nicely skirts the fact that what you’ll do with that gun is shoot somebody to death. Something most would rather not think about or come to terms with. Putting holes in a static paper target that is incapable of breathing and bleeding doesn’t challenge our psyche or morality. Whether you have little training or are an expert with a firearm, if you do not have the proper mindset, that hunk of metal hanging on your hip is nothing more than paperweight..

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