Freestyle Training Day February 16th

Always on the 3rd Saturday of every month. For those not attending we’ll try and get plenty of pics for y’all..

Saturday February 16th
Time: 8am-5pm
Volusia Gun Club
All Day event..

Freestyle Training Day …This is not a structured class per se. You’ll get to work on whatever skills you want under the tutelage of a firearms instructor. In other words, some of the things you might consider are ..

  • Draw from Concealment
  • How to shoot multiples
  • Sighted and unsighted shooting
  • Movement skills
  • Use of cover
  • Trigger speed
  • Trigger control
  • Disarms
  • Close quarter techniques
  • Airsoft
  • Improving draw speed
  • Concealment options

And the list goes on…This is the way it works.

We will set up several handgun drills that we often use for our own personal practice. We’ll be using a timer on some of these to create a little pressure. We’ll answer questions, do some demos, set up whatever scenario you can dream up, practice what you want to practice on and get some instruction at the same time. Hopefully everyone can have a good time along with a positive learning experience. I provide all the targets and just bring your firearm(s) and ammo. There will be no set time to show up or leave or go get lunch or take a break etc..its Freestyle group training..

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