Ask yourself..Do I really need training to carry a firearm?

I’m in the self defense business so my opinion is biased so take it for what it’s worth…On the chance of ticking some people off I will say I do not understand why anyone would carry a “Deadly Weapon” with lethal projectiles for self defense purposes without taking some advanced training in its use is beyond my comprehension..I’ve heard all the excuses so no need to repeat them here. The bad guys according to an FBI study, practice with their handguns on a regular basis. With 80 percent of the offenders studied stating they averaged about twenty-three practice sessions a year. Just taking these couple of facts into consideration, who is more prepared for an armed street confrontation, the bad guy or the good guy?

If they outlawed all guns and only allowed Swords..would you learn how to use one or leave it at home? If you are going to carry a firearm on your person and accept the responsibility that goes with it, that of life or death, you would think people would take it more seriously considering the consequences of failure when trying to deploy it in a self defense situation.

For those that think that little 2-3 hour gun show course that qualified you to get a license is sufficient you might want to do some of us a favor and leave the damn thing at’re probably more dangerous to innocent bystanders than the criminal for you have no idea how to protect yourself or others with it if not trained in self defense usage. I’d equate it to a blue belt in Martial arts taking on an experienced street fighter..go ahead. Of course you might get lucky and scare him away if you show him your GUN or scream like Bruce Lee…

Here’s another little statistic…according to FBI records every year, over 50% of all LEO deaths happen at 5 ft or less from felonious assault. Hit rates for LEO’s are 12-13% with a firearm…Now ask yourself, if you carry a firearm on your person with no advanced training of any kind, how much of a chance do you really think you have to survive much less win a lethal force encounter..

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