Active Shooter Interdiction

 Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Interdiction for Civilians

So called ACTIVE SHOOTER situations occur all the time. They happen everywhere. They have occurred on military bases, schools, churches and shopping malls. The shooter may be a deranged employee, a criminal or a terrorist. When these incidents occur, whoever is on the scene at the time is going to be the only life saving option available. That may be an off duty police officer, security personnel or an armed citizen. 

This intense 2 day course is aimed at training armed civilians how to respond effectively to save lives. 

  • Liaison with responding police
  • Advanced first aid techniques
  • CQB handgun techniques
  • Handgun retention
  • Team movement and communications
  • Force on force role playing scenarios
  • schools, stores, public streets, etc. with non lethal projectiles
  • Low light tactics
  • Low light shooting techniques
  • Employment of improvised weapons 

Prerequisite: This course is NOT for the beginner. Registrants must document proof of recent handgun training at a recognized firearms school. In addition, everyone attending must present one of the following; a concealed carry permit from any state, a security license from any state, police or military ID. Failure to provide this documentation will result in the registrant being dropped from the course. 

Equipment Needed: 

Long Sleeve shirt or sweatshirt

Firearm  and Strong side holster

Green Gas Blowback Pistol/BB’s/Holster

400 rounds of Ammo

Drinks, snacks etc

Eye and Ear protection 

Cost: $400

Length: 2 Days