Close Encounters II

Close Encounters II

This course is designed for those who possess intermediate to advanced skill levels or who have attended a prior Force on Force class. We’ll be teaching some advanced Hand to Hand techniques along with advanced handgun skill through our Live Fire drills. Your decision making, critical thinking, physical and mental skills will be tested through even more complex Force on Force scenarios. Everyone will get a chance to play bad guys and good guys. We would recommend you attend our Close Encounters I course first if not sure of your skill level.

Crime stats tell us that the majority of lethal force assaults occur at a distance of less than 5 feet, with most occurring at less than 3 feet.  This course will address defending yourself while keeping your firearm safe during a physical assault, through transitioning to the use of justified deadly force.  You will develop the necessary skills that are critically important to your protection and survival while armed.

These two training sessions will address

  • unarmed combatives
  • self defense while armed
  • concealed carry and drawing
  • practical shooting drills (using your carry firearm)
  • practical shooting drills (using Airsoft pistols)
  • man-on-man combat drills

The course will culminate in dynamic Force-on-Force interactive scenarios utilizing armed and unarmed force responses.

8am-12pm: Armed and Unarmed Combative’s, Concealed Carry and Drawing

Are you prepared to protect yourself and your weapon during a physical assault? This part of the program is geared for those times you may find it necessary to physically defend yourself against a close encounter physical assault while in possession of a firearm – also applicable for those times that you are not armed. Self Defense training for you MUST take into account that you not only need to protect yourself, but that you need to keep your weapon safe
while doing so.

12-pm-5pm: Practical Shooting Drills, Force-On-Force Training and Scenarios

This part of the program develops close encounter practical firearm skills and real-time deadly force decision making.  You will then combine these skills and those learned during the first session doing scenario based exercises, using Airsoft Weapons ….

The “Force-on-Force” training includes the following:

Gives the participant the opportunity to test & evaluate principles/tactics, equipment, physical skills and mental conditioning. Reactions are tested, stress is produced; specifically stress induced by either pain or the fear of pain. Constant activation of the “Sympathetic Nervous System” through pain or the fear of pain is the key to developing the orientation or “inoculation” to overreaction and improper decision making from a similar type of stimulus.

Our training gives the participants the opportunity to take initiative and the responsibility for their actions and what occurs, allows for the analyzing, and questioning of the experience. We’ll use two distinct force-on-force training concepts: Drilling, and Scenarios. Our Drills
are designed to replicate or specifically target a smaller portion of the overall scenario focusing on repetition of moves within the full scenarios. Our Scenarios then replicate actual situations you may face on a much larger scale.
Topics Covered:

Mental Preparation & Awareness, The Selection of Carry Gear, Methods of Carry, Security & Concealment, Personal Self Defense That Protects You and Your Weapon, Transitioning to Deadly Force, Drawing and Shooting from a Concealed Carry Position, Target Focus Shooting, Shooting While Moving, Utilization of Cover, Decision Making and more!

Equipment Needed: 

  • Personal Firearm & Holster
  • 200 rounds of Ammo
  • Airsoft pistol, holster and BB’s, preferably a replica of your Carry Weapon
  • Heavy long sleeve shirt and pair of gloves
  • Shooting glasses
  • Dress in comfortable street clothes and shoes for each of the classes. Please dress in the type of attire that you would normally wear while carrying your weapon.
  • If desired, you may bring a drink and light snack. We will not be stopping (other than short breaks) or leaving the location for theduration of the class.

Cost = $225.00