NRA Home Firearms Safety

 Home Firearm Safety

The Home Firearm Safety course is a 4 hour course designed to present the basic knowledge, skills, and the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storing of guns in the home. Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. When people practice responsible ownership and use, firearms are safe. The number of accidental firearm fatalities has dropped 52% between 1967 and 1988, according to National Safety Council survey. This decline is a direct result of the increase and effectiveness of gun safety programs

Course Goal:  To teach the basic knowledge and skills and to explain the attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of guns in the home.

Length of Course: 4 hours.

Student Text: Home Firearms Safety handbook (provided with student course packet)

Course Lessons:

Lesson I: Rules for Safe Gun Handling

Lesson II: Identifying and Unloading Different Firearms

Lesson III: Practical Exercises in Safe Gun Handling

Lesson IV: Types of Ammunition; Cleaning and Storage of Firearms

Note: This course does not involve the actual shooting of firearms.

Upon finishing this class, students should understand and be able to apply:

  • The basic element of gun safety attitude, knowledge and skill.
  • The fundamental rules of safe gun handling.
  • How to identify and unload different types of firearms.
  • The different types and use of ammunition.
  • How to clean and care for guns.
  • Factors for evaluating gun storage options.

Understanding these points will enable the students to enjoy the many benefits of gun ownership and participation in shooting activities.

This course fits very nicely into civic organizations, church groups, retirement villages, or just a group of folks or relatives who would like to have a class in their own home. 

Course Fee=$75.00