Sightless II

Sightless II- Point Shooting 

Combat Pistol Techniques and Tactics 

We are going to take you from bad breath distance all the way out to getting up on your sights. Multiple threats and movement drills and skills will be the emphasis of this course along with developing the mindset and instinctive tactics to engage in a deadly force encounter and survive.

Part I-Review of previous skills learned in Sightless I to get everyone up to speed 

  • Elbow up-Elbow down (EUED) or ½ hip
  • ¾ Hip
  • Point Shoulder
  • Nose Indexed 2 handed Quick Fire
  • Zipper

Part II

  • Close Quarter Fighting techniques
  • ¼ hip (Quarter Hip) or EU
  • SUL 
  • Shooting from Cover/Concealment (Auto, building, corners etc)
  • Shooting on the Move (including oblique angles, forward, backward, lateral and “S” drills.
  • Multiple Threat Engagement (up to 4 at one time)
  • Creating Time and Distance
  • Reactive Instinctive shooting and tactics
  • Timed Speed Drills

Prerequisites: Must be 21 years of age. Have a Concealed Carry License. Have attended a prior Threat Focused or Sightless 1 course. 

Equipment needed: 

  • Eye and Ear protection, 
  • Strong side holster
  • Firearm 
  • Hat
  • Water to hydrate 
  • Sunscreen 
  • 500-700 rounds of Ammo (depending on single stack or dbl stack) 

Length of Course: 8 hours 

Cost: $200.00

WhereVolusia County Gun and Hunt Club

Call 386-479-2587 or email for class schedule.